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Big Yielding Marijuana Strains 2023

As a cannabis consumer, what trait do you value the most? Try the highest-producing strains of cannabis in 2023 if you want to fill your stash jars to the brim. From dwarf auto-flowering strains to tall photoperiod variants and stunning purple beauties, this collection has something for every grower.

Are you hoping for high returns this season? That’s why you’ve found the proper spot to be! If you grow the following 10 strains, you won’t have to worry about restocking your stash for weeks after harvest. These strains will thrive in either a greenhouse or the open air, producing large quantities of tasty, sticky buds.

Professional seed breeders prioritized production when developing these strains. Still, they also include delicious aromas and flavors and a wide spectrum of psychoactive effects, from cerebral stimulation to body relaxation and stoning. Below are some of 2023’s highest-yielding strains.

biggest yielding marijuana strains

Biggest Yielding Marijuana Strains

As a matter of course, certain varieties reach enormous proportions during cultivation, which is perfect for some farmers. These giant plants can produce staggering amounts of fruit at the close of their growing season.¬†Here, we’ll take a look at the eight greatest-yielding marijuana strains to help you get the most out of your next growing season.

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blue dream cannabis strain

Blue Dream

Many American cannabis connoisseurs rank Blue Dream among the top strains available. Blue Dream’s origins can be traced back to Santa Cruz, a popular surfing destination. This sativa-dominant mix was a hub for the medical marijuana movement. The Super Silver Haze x Blueberry indica hybrid has a high THC concentration that can vary between 17 and 24 percent

Its possible therapeutic value is enhanced by the presence of CBD concentrations of 2%.The massive harvests that come from this plant are a big part of why it’s so popular. You can harvest an astounding 21 oz per plant whether you cultivate Blue Dream inside and outdoors. There is a 9-10 week blooming period. Plants of the Blue Dream variety can be harvested in October from outdoor gardens.

Blue Dream is well-known for being an effective method of stress relief for the whole body. This is a breed that, despite its potency, eases you into a pleasant state of euphoria. Because of this, it’s a great choice for rookies. On the other hand, you can count on this variety to give you a jolt of morning vigor. The pleasant aroma and flavor of the berries makes eating them a pleasure. 

white widow cannabis strain

White Widow

White Widow, a hybrid with an indica dominance of 60%, was extremely popular in Amsterdam’s coffee shops 30 years ago. It is among the most well-known products of European origin to have become popular in the United States.¬†It was developed by Dutch breeders who crossed a South American sativa including an indica from South India. THC levels range from 18-25 percent.¬†

A properly grown crop produces large, sticky flowers that are covered in crystalline resin and look really stunning. Indoor cultivation of White Widow can result in a harvest of up to 18 oz per square meter after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. Even more impressive is the 21-ounce yield that can be achieved per plant when grown outside. 

This stress is very productive in hotter regions, but it can handle cooler environments just fine. White Widow can be picked in late October if grown outside.¬†The effects of White Widow marijuana are long in coming, but there is no doubt about the strain’s potency. The effect is a pleasant and soothing high that allows one to unwind.¬†

It gives you a mental high so you can power through the rest of the workday without stopping. White Widow also ranks among the best smokes for smoking with friends. Experiences of elation and vitality need not result in a crash and burn on the couch.

The White Widow looks like it’s been dipped in candy, but the flavor is actually quite earthy. It’s another go-to medicine since it helps with the discomfort associated with mental health issues like PMS, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. White Widow is also useful for combating stress and tiredness.

strawberry kush strain

Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush is a relaxing strain that won’t give you a head rush. The average THC concentration is 17%, although master growers may get it up to 19%. Strawberry Kush seeds are highly sought after because of the strain’s delicious flavor and the fact that it is ideal for daytime consumption.

Only 25% of the Strawberry Kush strain is Sativa, while 75% is indica. The Sativa genetics produce a moderate cerebral high, while the indica pleasure rounds things out nicely. This balanced strain has a pleasant aroma and flavor reminiscent of strawberry candy. The effects will be noticeable, but they won’t be too intense. Because of this, it’s a fantastic option for infrequent or first-time smokers.

When OG Kush & Strawberry Cough were first crossed, it was solely through clones. This strain’s delicious berry flavor and perfume can be traced back to its ancestor, Strawberry Cough.¬†Strawberry Kush has a rather quick flowering time. It can be harvested after 8-9 weeks¬†when cultivated indoors. Around 500 grams of dried cannabis can be harvested from a single plant.

It’s recommended that outdoor gardeners start harvesting in the middle of October to get yields that are on par with indoor growers.¬†Strawberry Kush may have a higher indica content, but it burns more like a Sativa strain. A distinct buzz will fill your mind, keeping you up and ready to take on the day. This strain also doesn’t make you sleepy, so it’s great for smoking during the day.

Strawberry Kush is reportedly uplifting for certain consumers. People have also reported feeling sexually stimulated by it. Because of this, Strawberry Kush is great for unwinding and sharing passionate moments with a special someone.¬†¬†Sweet sandalwood and a deep earthiness blend in Strawberry Kush’s scent. When smoked, the combination of kush and strawberry aromas is immediately recognizable.¬†

After lighting, you may detect a hint of citrus or pine. The Strawberry Kush strain has a fresh taste that provides a strawberry medley of flavors. Get ready for some spicy, earthy, and herbal flavors from this marijuana strain. Sweet strawberry as well as other fruit aromas combined in this potent Cannabis strain will satisfy your taste buds.

Strawberry Kush’s euphoric effects are hard to beat for those looking to relieve stress. Its effects are quick to set in and gentle enough that even social smokers can enjoy them.¬†You can also use Strawberry Kush to stimulate your appetite.¬†

Whether you’re trying to recoup from such a night of binge drinking and need extra encouragement to eat, or you’re dealing with chronic pain or other concerns, this strain will satisfy your appetite.

If you’re feeling down because of life, maybe you could try some Strawberry Kush.

sour diesel cannabis strain

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 20-25%. The CBD content is about average, too. The flowering time for this variety of cannabis is an extended 68 days, and it may grow to a height of 71 inches. At 23 oz per square meter, the yield is sure to be impressive.¬†Some farmers say it’s a 91 Chemdog x Mass Super Skunk hybrid, while others say it’s a Mexican Sativa x Chemdog hybrid.

The buds of sour diesel are medium in size and spherical, and the leaves are a bluish-green color. In contrast to the sparse arrangement of the leaves, the pistils’ red hairs collect pollen from male plants. When the blossoms have healed properly, they have a sticky texture. In comparison to more sticky strains like White Widow, trichomes are less noticeable here.

When flower buds are broken open, however, the insides of such thick blossoms are covered in trichomes. The buds emit a potent odor that is strongly reminiscent of gasoline, which is fitting given the strain’s moniker. There’s an orangey undertone to the aroma.

Users report feeling a warm and relaxing surge in the head upon first experiencing the effects of Sour Diesel. One’s disposition could also improve. It’s true that Sour Diesel increases neural activity within the brain, however, the vibe of this high is more out there than cerebral. Depending on the company they keep while smoking this strain, consumers may experience sociability or introversion.

Many people report feeling a modicum of bodily relaxation alongside this euphoric surge. Still, true couchlock from a body high is unusual.

super silver haze strain

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze has won numerous awards at cannabis competitions since the 1990s when it was widely recognized as the best Sativa strain available. Developed by Shantibaba and Neville, two renowned breeders, this stain was first conceived of in the early 1990s when Shantibaba was still working at Greenhouse seeds. Since then, Mr. Nice Seedbank has kept Super Silver Haze in constant production.

Super Silver Haze is yet another strain in the “Haze” family of cannabis; it grows very tall and produces a lot of buds.¬†Hydroponics is ideal for cultivating Super Silver Haze, however, soil and outdoor cultivation are not out of the question. The Mr. Nice seeds only need 8-10 weeks to grow, however, the Greenhouse seeds take up to 11 weeks.

Increased outputs of up to 28 ozs per plant indoors and 52 ounces per plant outdoors are said to be worth the trade-off compared to the 16 ounces and 18 ounces, respectively, that can be harvested from Mr. Nice’s seeds. People who are just getting into growing should probably avoid this strain. The SCROG & LST techniques are both suitable for cultivating Super Silver Haze.

This is a less-focused but potentially meaningful and thought-provoking strain that can make consumers want to start moving. Although initially stimulating, the second part of the long-lasting high from Super Silver Haze changes gears and begins to calm the body. Some users have reported that the colors seem more vibrant, and the audio seems clearer. When it comes to cannabinoids, Super Silver Haze ranks high, with a THC content of 18 percent.

In spite of its indica-like traits, this strain is actually 80-90% Sativa. Indoor cultivation of Super Silver Haze is recommended. The aftertaste of smoking is sweet, piney, fruity, and aromatic. In comparison to its relative Silver Haze, the Super Silver Haze strain can reach staggering heights. Since Super Silver Haze does not grow too tall (maximum 88 inches) but still produces substantial harvests, it is regarded as superior by many.

super skunk strain marijuana

Super Skunk

The powerful skunky aroma and well-balanced hybrid effects of Super Skunk have made it a favorite among cannabis consumers. Users report intense feelings of euphoria accompanied by profound relaxation, making it simpler to let go and enjoy life. This pungent strain was developed from Super Skunk seeds, and it’s perfect for those who want to combine clear, focused thinking with a happy mood.

Super Skunk has a rapid flowering time and produces large, dense buds that can have a THC content of up to 20%. It’s a robust hybrid with broad stems and hefty branches. The high-yielding, feminized plant does well both indoors and outdoors thanks to its indica dominance, which helps keep it compact and suitable for the former.

Super Skunk is a potent hybrid that was likely developed by crossing Skunk #1 with Afghani Indica. Sensi Seeds developed this strain, which is known for its potent mental and physical effects. Its development might have served as a template for future hybrids. One theory suggests that Super Skunk could be the “first hybrid genetics attempt with Afghani roots.”

Because of its low-maintenance requirements, Super Skunk is a favorite among first-time cultivators. Its adaptability to many environments led to it being dubbed “Super.” If you want a low-maintenance grow with few pest and disease problems, this is the variety to choose from.

Planting Super Skunk seeds either indoors or outdoors is acceptable. The success of an outdoor crop depends on the careful monitoring of weather and humidity levels. This kind does well in sunny, Mediterranean climes. The months of September and October are ideal for harvesting. Under ideal conditions, a single Super Skunk plant can yield as much as 21 ounces of useable cannabis.

Indoor cultivation of this strain may result in a somewhat lower harvest. Marijuana producers with experience can get up to 18 ounces per square meter. It will take 8‚Äď9 weeks for the plant to bloom.

Many people find the calming effects of Super Skunk to be just what they need. Due to the high proportion of Indica, it has a sedative effect.¬†Super skunk gives you a powerful, all-encompassing high with just the right amount of Sativa to keep you tuned in, alert, and conscious. You may feel a deep sense of relaxation, but for many individuals, it won’t be enough to prevent them from thinking clearly and going about their day as usual.

The “Skunk” in Super Skunk refers to its pungent odor. Its powerful ammonia-like odor is hard to forget. Outdoor smokers might be mistaken for a certain infamous woodland monster.¬†Despite its “cheesy” aroma, Super Skunk has a delicious and unusual flavor profile. The strain’s signature “skunkiness,” bred from the original Skunk #1, is present, but so is a light citrus note. In addition to its earthy overtones, the combination also produces a distinct sweet and fruity flavor.¬†Depending on your preferences, Super Skunk can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.¬†Because of its low intoxicating THC content, it can be used during the day.

chocolope cannabis strain


Plants cultivated from choco-lope seeds are just 10% indica & 90% Sativa. It’s a fast way to get pumped up and ready to tackle the day, and the unique strain has been shown to provide these effects. Chocolope has been compared favorably to a jolting cup of coffee for a morning boost. This feminized, nearly pure sativa strain has 19% THC. This means the high is both powerful and mental.

Growers of the Chocolope variety of marijuana report that it is rather simple to cultivate. Female plants are more likely to get mildew and mold. However, this problem can be readily solved by growing plants indoors. Approximately 63 days from seed to harvest, you can anticipate very tall cannabis plants with a substantial harvest. Sweet coffee and earthy aromas will waft from your buds.

Indoor growers of the Chocolope cannabis strain need to ensure that their space has adequate ventilation to prevent the growth of molds and mildew. Around 9‚Äď10 weeks from now, your flowers will be ready to be harvested. Beautiful buds form when this sativa is allowed to flower, and the average harvest from one square meter is 21 oz of usable marijuana.

The most usable cannabis, roughly 35 ounces per plant, can be harvested from an outdoor-grown Chocolope crop. The outdoor space, however, needs to be maximized for maximum effect. Conditions must be mild, warm, and sunny. Finally, molds and mildews are serious threat that must be avoided. Around the middle to end of October, outdoor growers should anticipate their plants to bloom and also be ready for harvest.

Chocolope’s chocolate flavor is just one of the many selling points of this marijuana kind. You’ll have more drive and productivity because to its stimulating effects. Using it first thing in the morning will fire you up for the day and help you accomplish a lot.¬†A sense of euphoria and happiness characterizes the psychoactive effects of Chocolope cannabis.¬†

Joy and elation are the effects of this pleasant cigarette. This will allow you to go about your day with a clear head and all of your faculties intact. Users of this strain report feeling completely intoxicated in the head.¬†The Chocolope marijuana strain has an aroma reminiscent of a decadent chocolate confection. In the mornings, this star performer’s earthy, pungent scent will be just the thing to get your day started on the right foot. Bring yourself back to life with the energizing aroma of chocolate and nuts.

Chocolope is a chocolate lover’s fantasy come true. The energizing sweetness of this sativa strain is hard to ignore. You’ll love the robust vanilla flavor that coexists with the rich coffee and chocolate.

amnesia haze cannabis strain

Amnesia Haze

Plant some Amnesia Haze seeds in your garden for a cerebral high and a taste of dirt and citrus. In around 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll experience the energizing, relaxed high. It has a calming influence on the brain, making you feel social. This variety is a sativa-dominant feminized plant. There is barely any CBD and an extremely high average THC content of 21%

Although the Amnesia Haze plant can be cultivated well indoors, outdoor cultivation is recommended for optimal results. Amnesia Haze requires about 9 weeks of growth time when grown indoors. In general, a square meter of cannabis soil will produce roughly 21 oz of usable cannabis. When the conditions for outdoor cultivation are optimal, the farmer might expect a large harvest. 

In late October, you should be able to harvest roughly 25 ounces per plant. Amnesia Haze users report feeling cheerful and slightly euphoric. However, there is no lack of efficiency because this strain inspires originality in its consumers. You’ll be excited as if you’re floating on a cloud of joy but also feeling calm and at peace with the world. It has been tested with THC concentrations as high as 21%.

Inhaling Amnesia Haze fills your mouth with a savory blend of lemon and earth. Excellent flavor lingers on the mouth and lips with a citrus sweetness. The citrusy nuances are tantalizing and refreshing. This variety of marijuana has an incredibly enticing aroma. The aroma of fresh lemons, sweet and tart, fills the room with each inhale. If you want to start your day off on a positive note, this is the strain for you.

Amnesia Haze will make you feel happy and hungry at the same time.

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