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With CBD’s benefits finally getting mainstream attention, more and more people are seeking out the top strains for high CBD content. If you’ve been on the hunt for such strains, you’re right where you need to be.

Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 high CBD strains in 2021 for your consideration. What’s more, each strain brings something new to the table. So if you’re looking for CBD to provide a specific quality or property, you’ll find a wealth of variety in our top picks.

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Peach Puree CBD

Peach Puree takes its name from the delightful taste of sweet ripe peaches yet also provides a hint of creamy lemon. This is a plant that you can easily grow without the need for special skills. The vitality of Peach Puree CBD is evident in its fast, dense growth. 

Buds are sticky, and their aroma is that of peach and citrus. What’s more, you’re treated to a fantastic display of purple leaves near the end of Peach Puree CBD’s flowering stage.

The benefits that come from Peach Puree are far-reaching. Users appreciate that it helps combat insomnia and anxiety. But it also has a wealth of other health benefits not found in most other strains. 

Height: 80-130 cm
Time to Bud: 10-12 weeks
THC: About 5%
CBD: About 10%
Harvest Time: 12-13 weeks
Gr/M^2: 500-600 gr/m^2 indoors

For example, there is evidence to suggest that Peach Puree CBD helps reduce the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, gastrointestinal conditions, and muscle tension, just to name a few. And with its 5% THC and 10% CBD content, you can look forward to a gentle, uplifting sensation that’s perfect for any time of the day.

highest cbd strains

Deep Candy CBD

As its name suggests, Deep Candy CBD delivers a sweet taste that rivals that of candies. Users report flavors that range from caramel to cotton candy. But whatever you detect, it’s a flavor that is sure to excite your senses. 

One of the most appealing attributes concerning Deep Candy CBD is that the plant gains double the height once flowering starts. During this stage of growth, you are treated to a pleasant aroma of sugary goodness. 

Height: 199.9 cm
Time to Bud: 8-9 weeks
THC: 0.3-0.5%
CBD: About 13%
Harvest Time: 9-10 weeks
Gr/M^2: 650 gr/m^2 indoors

Due to the minimal THC content, the effects of Deep Candy CBD are clear yet pronounced. Many people turn to this strain for its relaxing benefits, offering tranquility to anyone who partakes. As such, you can take advantage of Deep Candy CBD any time throughout the day.

highest cbd strains 2021

Cali Doctor

Cali Doctor CBD is ideal for vaping, thanks to its 8% THC content. As such, you can look forward to calming relaxation without the high. Many users rely on Cali Doctor CBD to reduce symptoms associated with arthritis and other chronic pain.

Height: 80-130 cm
Time to Bud: 9-10 weeks
THC: About 8%
CBD: About 8%
Harvest Time: 10-11 weeks
Gr/M^2: 500 gr/m^2 indoors

What’s more, Cali Doctor is heralded for reducing the side effects of chemotherapy treatment in cancer patients. Others find that it is the perfect tonic for multiple sclerosis.  

top high cbd strains 2021

Night Nurse CBD

Night Nurse CBD is another exceptional strain that helps many people enjoy relief from a variety of medical conditions. For example, some users recommend Night Nurse for treating autism, stress, epilepsy, and anxiety. 

Height: 80-130 cm
Time to Bud: 10-12 weeks
THC: About 22%
CBD: About 18%
Harvest Time: 12-13 weeks
Gr/M^2: 500-600 gr/m^2 indoors

Others, however, note that it is a powerful solution for combating Alzheimer’s Disease and PTSD. There are even proponents who rely on Night Nurse to treat their fibromyalgia. One thing’s for certain, though. The 22% THC content is sure to help enhance your experience.

tatanka pure cbd strain

Tatanka Pure CBD

This sweet, spicy strain produces the scent of caramel and is ideal for those who need a boost in creativity and thought. The CBD-to-THC ratio is such that you can expect optimum benefits without intoxication.

Height: 70-110 cm
Time to Bud: 6-8 weeks
THC: Less than 0.25%
CBD: Between 9-14%
Harvest Time: 8-10 weeks
Gr/M^2: 400-450 gr/m^2 indoors

The relaxing effects are highly acclaimed for their stress-melting properties. If you’ve had a hard day at work or you just need to clear your mind, Tatanka CBD is an excellent choice.

red pure cbd strain

Red Pure CBD auto

If you suffer from anxiety and stress, Red Pure CBD is worth checking out. Thanks to its minimal THC content and high CBD, you can look forward to lasting effects without any psychotropic properties. Moreover, the effects produced by Red Pure CBD provide a soothing sensation throughout your body and mind.

Height: 50-90 cm
Time to Bud: 8-9 weeks
THC: Between 0.4-0.5%
CBD: Between 15-17%
Harvest Time: 9-10 weeks
Gr/M^2: 450-500 gr/m^2 indoors

As such, it’s ideal for kicking back after a long day at the office. And if you find yourself getting stressed out, Red Pure is here to help you regain your composure. Users report a combination of citrus, pine, and berries — both in flavor and aroma. What’s more, the buds display a striking red color once flowering commences. 

cbd charlottes angel strain

Charlotte's Angel CBD

Charlotte’s Angel CBD is a unique strain that comes with a wealth of benefits. For starters, this blend has the distinction of satisfying THC marijuana cravings. And yet, its THC content is less than 1%. This is a big deal for smokers who are trying to cut back on their cannabis consumption.

Height: 100 cm
Time to Bud: 9-12 weeks
THC: Less than 1%
CBD: About 10-16%
Harvest Time: 10-13 weeks
Gr/M^2: 400-500 gr/m^2 indoors

Moreover, Charlotte’s Angel features incredible resin production. As such, you can take advantage of this to make your own CBD-rich concentrates. Since the THC content is so low in Charlotte’s Angel, people in all age groups can benefit from its CBD effects. Many people turn to this strain to help them relax their mood. It seems to calm nerves and pain quickly for an overall pleasant experience.

kush n cookies cbd strain

Kush n Cookies CBD

Thanks to a combination of high THC and CBD content, Kush ‘n’ Cookies provides a euphoric sensation that is sure to impress. For anyone who needs a mood-lifting rush, this is the strain to turn to. Kush ‘n’ Cookies CBD, despite the latter part of its name, tends to lean more toward the Kush side in terms of taste.

Height: 50-60 cm
Time to Bud: 8-10 weeks
THC: About 21%
CBD: About 19%
Harvest Time: 10-12 weeks
Gr/M^2: 700 gr/m^2 indoors

As such, you can expect a fruity grape flavor with a hint of blueberry. The accompanying aroma is equally pleasant and matches the fruity flavor well. While not the tallest of plants, Kush ‘n’ Cookies’ flowers are highly effective, with strong effects that last. It’s the perfect strain for feeling fine and one that you’re sure to return to again and again.

og kush cbd strain

OG kush CBD

OG Kush CBD is one of the rare 50/50 strains that consists of equal parts THC and CBD. This results in an effective blend that covers a wide range of medical conditions. People recovering from alcohol addiction find that OG Kush helps alleviate cravings, making it an essential strain for improving the body and mind.

Height: 200-300 cm
Time to Bud: 9-12 weeks
THC: Between 5-12%
CBD: Between 5-12%
Harvest Time: 12-15 weeks
Gr/M^2: 350-450 gr/m^2 indoors

But that’s not all. OG Kush CBD can significantly lower pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It can also combat symptoms from PTSD, diabetes, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and even aid in infections that are resistant to antibiotics. It’s worth noting that OG Kush CBD grows to incredible heights. So you want to make sure that you give it plenty of room to stretch its legs when growing indoors.

nurse lilly cbd strain

Nurse Lilly CBD

Depression is an ever-increasing problem in this day and age. While it’s no secret that marijuana serves as an excellent blues-buster, not everyone can use it in their daily lives. Enter: CBD. Or, more specifically, Nurse Lilly CBD. Heralded as one of the best depression-fighting strains on the market, Nurse Lilly CBD is loved far and wide for its ability to lift the mood.

Height: 140-160 cm
Time to Bud: 10-12 weeks
THC: About 4-6%
CBD: About 15%
Harvest Time: 12-14 weeks
Gr/M^2: 450 gr/m^2 indoors

What’s more, she’s also a viable solution for treating headaches, muscle spasms, and inflammation. If you suffer from arthritis, for example, Nurse Lilly CBD may hold the key to your relief. You can look forward to a fruity flavor and aroma from this CBD blend, with hints of pineapple and other tropical undertones.

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