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automatic cannabis strains 2023

It’s natural to want to maintain gardening even if you’ve had a very fruitful outdoor growing season to reflect the changing of the seasons. If you have the space, why not cultivate the greatest autoflowers of 2023? Here are the top ten autos to keep your hands green and your spirits up throughout fall and winter.

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Why are Autoflowering Strains Great?

The characteristics of autoflowering cannabis strains that make them so popular are their hardiness, rapidity, and general simplicity. These qualities make them perfect for novice grows, seasoned cultivators looking for a low-maintenance stash, and business owners hoping to maximize profits. Plants of the autoflowering variety are programmed to bloom regardless of whether or not the light cycle has changed. 

Most types mature quickly (from seeds to harvest in 10-12 weeks) and remain a manageable and covertly short to medium height. Many growers used to think of autos as representing low-quality cannabis because of the perceived trade-off between speed and potency. However, modern breeders have produced a slew of strains that match several photoperiod varieties in THC and CBD content and flavor.

Read on for a look at the top autoflowering plants for next year.

white widow auto strain

White Widow Automatic

The Dutch are the ones who first developed the indica-dominant White Widow strain. This widespread weed in Amsterdam cafes originates from a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. It is now the progenitor of several other cannabis varieties, including the well-known White Russian, Blue Widow, and White Rhino.

The auto-flowering varieties of this time-honored experience are pretty effective. White Widow Autoflower may produce around 190-240 g/plant and 450 g/m2 indoors in 10-12 weeks when cultivated indoors under ideal circumstances. THC levels of this strain typically range from 14-18%. 

blueberry auto strain

Blueberry Autoflower

Since 1970, Blueberry has been the most sought-after strain of marijuana globally. DJ Short, a marijuana grower from Oregon, is credited with creating this flavorful cultivar. This strain is a cross between Thailand Sativa x Purple Thai Sativa x Afghanistan Indica. After much effort, this gem was born: the ideal combination of legendary landrace strains. THC levels of this strain are pretty high and range between 16-22% THC depending on your growing skills.

Blueberry Autoflower is an excellent choice for a micro garden. A maximum height of 32 inches is reached at most. With correctly germinated seeds, however, they may still provide respectable yields in a constrained area. You may expect to harvest four to six ounces of usable cannabis in around ten weeks.

gorilla glue auto strain

Gorilla Glue Automatic

Gorilla Glue¬†is a product of the industry’s top Autoflower geneticists. It’s a cross between Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubb x¬†Chem’s Sister.¬†It is the offspring of the legendary Gorilla Glue #4, which won several awards. As a result of its relatively high CBD content, it has gained widespread acceptance for medical purposes.¬†These Gorilla Glue auto-flowering seeds do well in many climes, especially damp ones.¬†Plants are a dream for first-time cultivators since they are resistant to fungal diseases.¬†

Because of the compactness of the plants they generate, even in limited space, they look great. In around 10-11 weeks, they should be ready for harvest, at which point each plant should produce about 5 ounces of usable marijuana with a THC level of about 18-24% THC which is super high for an auto-flowering strain.

girl scout cookies auto strain

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies Auto¬†is the most significant hybrid ruderalis strain.¬† It’s the most potent autoflowering strain available, and it’s a California-grown hybrid of Durban Poison Indica x OG Kush Sativa.¬†These Indica-dominant plants are resilient against pests, mold, and cold weather. Growing Girl Scout Cookies Auto¬†is a breeze for newbies. They thrive in environments where the temperature rises and falls rapidly and in cooler regions.

With hefty THC levels of about 20% you can grow lush, compact plants in little space with these ultra-low-maintenance autoflowering seeds. The buds of Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autoflower crops are thick and powerful; they are purple and coated with crystals. Each plant should produce between five to seven ounces of incredible buds in around eleven weeks from seed to harvest.

ak47 auto strain

AK-47 Autoflower

The AK-47 strain of cannabis may be traced back to the Netherlands in the 1990s.¬†In all, four distinct strains contributed to this year’s winning crop. Some strains that make up this collection originate from exotic locales like Afghanistan and Thailand, while others come from Mexico and South America as Sativas.¬†Sunlight or artificial light should be provided to this strain for optimum growth.¬†

AK-47 The ideal conditions for growing auto-flowering seeds are low humidity and plenty of ventilation. The amount of room required is minimal. These seeds may be used to grow short, bushy plants that produce as much as ten ounces per plant and THC levels close to 20%. In addition Ak-47 auto strain can take only 10-12 weeks from seed to harvest, she is also quite simple to cultivate.

amnesia haze auto strain

Amnesia Haze Autoflower

Amnesia Haze is the most popular strain in all of Amsterdam. Many cafe regulars like this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.¬†There is an incredible diversity of genetic backgrounds, including Hawaiian, Thai, Cambodian, Jamaican, and Haze. Additionally, Indica genes from South Asia and Afghanistan have been included. If you’re wanting to create hybrids, the following strains are excellent starting points.

Amnesia Haze’s success at festivals and competitions is mainly due to its one-of-a-kind blend.¬†The cannabis plants grown from Amnesia Haze Autoflower seeds are compact, making them ideal for containers such as those seen on kitchen windowsills. The typical person is a mere 26 inches tall.

Surprisingly, given their little stature, these plants produce abundant harvests.¬†Approximately seven ounces may be harvested per plant. In 9‚Äď12 weeks from seed, you’ll be able to gather your crop with an average THC level of 18% which is considered super high for an automatic strain.

amnesia haze auto 1

Lemon OG Haze Autoflower

One of the most excellent auto-flowering cannabis seeds is Lemon OG Haze, which can trace its genetic ancestry to the Lemon OG x AK-48 x Haze #1 strains. The fragrance and flavor of this primarily Sativa strain are reminiscent of lemon, with subtle traces of pine. Inhaling is like taking a swig from a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day. Having up to 20% THC and just around 5% CBD, Lemon OG Haze produces very noticeable effects. The first few puffs will leave you feeling energized and clearheaded. 

However, the Indica dominance of this strain eventually produces sedative effects. High yields of up to 425 g/m2 may be obtained with only 20 hours of light exposure. Its blossoms will open to the world between the tenth and twelfth week. Lemon OG haze is super easy and is quick to finish in about 10-13 weeks from seed to harvest.

hulkberry auto strain

Hulkberry Auto

The Hulkberry Automatic is a potent strain that combines several other Autoflowering strains. It is compact and grows fast if placed in the proper indoor environment. The Hulkberry Automatic stays short, so it is the perfect Autoflowering strain for anyone with minimal room to grow. The Hulkberry Automatic is spicy and sweet, calling upon strawberries to add to the flavor profile. Her tight, frosty flowers have up to 21% THC, which is enough to please even the most experienced smokers.

You will also get an earthy aroma from this strain. It has a unique scent that is most prominent when it is first harvested. The Hulkberry Automatic strain is ideal for beginners who want to keep their crops small. It rarely reaches 100 centimeters and stays thin. The Hulkberry Automatic will provide an energizing boost to anyone needing a wake-up during the day and she only take 9-12 weeks from seed to harvest.

bruce banner auto strain

Bruce Banner Auto

The Bruce Banner Automatic is what the Hulkberry came out of. This strain is much more powerful and ideal for those using Autoflower for commercial purposes.¬†The tall and thin-fingered strain is not for beginners. The Bruce Banner Automatic’s potency is the highest on this list with a whopping 25% THC. This strain has a distinct citrusy sweet taste that balances out the essence of gassiness hidden inside the flavor palate. Bruce banner auto is ready to harvest after only 11 weeks if grown from seed.

It possesses a combination of flavors that make it as unique as it is powerful.¬†The Bruce Banner Automatic will keep you relaxed and stress-free all day. It is powerful to alleviate most forms of anxiety and make you feel happier. It’s easy to grow but taller, so it is harder to keep out of sight. However, if you need to get rid of negativity, it will be worth whatever the growing process consists of.

pineapple express auto strain

Pineapple Express Auto

Finally, we have the Pineapple Express Automatic. This Autoflowering plant is another low-key variety with no overwhelming amount of THC, measured at around 14-18%. It‚Äôs an easy plant to grow, so that newcomers can take it on. The Pineapple Express Automatic is a bit more light-sensitive, so it is critical to monitor that in the growing process. This strain has a flavor profile that is sweet in all the best ways and once again its a fast flowering auto strain that only takes 10-13 weeks from seed.

You might pick up on an aroma that reminds you of your favorite fruit. Pineapple Express Automatic is the way to go for anyone seeking a creative state of mind. This strain is known to have properties that assist with depression, anxiety, and stress. Beginners and experts alike can thrive in its benefits. 

All ten Autoflowering strains have great flavor and excellent benefits and are easy to grow for all individuals. You can enjoy growing, no matter how experienced you are. 

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